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This basement has become a medieval dungeon! The theme was inspired by the children of the house, who were always retiring to the "dungeon" to watch TV and play their video games. It is now a great party room! The torch lamp (which features a fluttering silk "flame") was bought at Reno Depot. Other medieval accessories were purchased in Montreal at Excalibor.


The inside of the kitchen door is painted to resemble old wood, and leads visually down the faux-stone stairs around the corner into the "dungeon".


  At the bottom of the stairs a carpet leads into the mural. Matching curdoroy curtains hide a storage area. They have been left unhemmed, for that puddled medieval look.The bookcase has also been refinished, and the glass front is faux-stained glass.

The carpet leads into the wall, creating an even greater illustion of depth.


The back wall has been painted to resemble a stone terrace overlooking a landscape. It would have been rather claustrophobic if it had been a solid stone wall, and makes for a much airier, friendlier sort of dungeon!

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